Turkey Pho Gà! A play on a classic. Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup.

The morning after. Feeling abundant due to the over indulgence of the holiday and looking for something different to do with your leftover Turkey? Make something light and delicious– a spin on the classic Vietnamese chicken noodle soup!  The trick to delicious Pho gà is to add a little of each garnish as you eatContinue reading “Turkey Pho Gà! A play on a classic. Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup.”

How to Make a 10 Minute Dashi Broth

  What is Dashi? Dashi is a very simple broth that is  one of the cornerstones of Japanese cooking. It is made with kombu (dried kelp), and bonito fish flakes. The results produce an amazing flavorful clear broth. One that has the taste and smell of a fresh salty ocean. Dashi is so flavorful itContinue reading “How to Make a 10 Minute Dashi Broth”

30 Minute Creamy Homemade Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons!

You’ll Need: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large yellow onion, sliced 1 large carrot, peeled and chopped in 1/2 inch pieces  1-2 teaspoon fresh oregano leaves 1/2 cup fresh flat leaf Italian parsley leaves  4 garlic cloves, minced 2 (28 oz ) cans good quality peeled and chopped organic tomatoes 2 cups chicken stock (orContinue reading “30 Minute Creamy Homemade Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons!”

Ooh La Lah! Quickie French Onion Soup!

If you are anything like me – you’re always short on time, but big on flavor. Well, then…this recipe is perfect for you! One of my families favs. They think I’ve been cooking up a storm all day. Shhhhh!  I get this soup made in about 30- 40 minutes- enjoy!  Ingredients:  1/2 c unsalted butter 2Continue reading “Ooh La Lah! Quickie French Onion Soup!”

French Onion Soup, from an Italian Nona’s Kitchen! 

Ingredients:  4-6 Tablespoons unsalted cold butter, divided 12 yellow onions. Peeled and sliced in 1/4 inch rings 1 Tablespoons good quality olive oil 1 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 -1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper 6-8 cups the best quality, low-sodium beef broth 1 large bay leave 4 sprigs of fresh thyme 4 sprigs of fresh flatContinue reading “French Onion Soup, from an Italian Nona’s Kitchen! “