How to Make Homemade Butter in 10 Minutes or Less!


Want your kids to contribute to the family meal? Have them make butter!

You’ll need:

  • heavy cream
  • clean marbles
  • clean mason jar or baby food jar*
  • salt

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Add the cream and a marble or two to your mason jar.
  2. Cover the jar tightly and shake like crazy! (It’s all in the wrist!)
  3. Drain on a paper towel.
  4. Add salt, to taste.
  5. Grab the fresh bread and serve!

The time will depend on how much butter you’re making. For a 1/2 cup of cream, it takes about 10 minutes. The liquid will stiffen into whipped cream quickly, then it’ll seem like you’re at a standstill. Keep shaking, and all of a sudden the butter will separate from the water.

*A baby food jar is good for small children and a quart mason jar works well for older kids. Make sure the jar can hold triple the amount of liquid you have. If you want to make butter from a 1/2 cup of cream, you should use a 1-quart mason jar.

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Published by Chef Gigi Gaggero, Host of Silicon Valley's LIVE Food Talk Radio on KSCU 103.3 FM

Professional Chef, Two Time Award-Winning Book Author, Former Academic Director from Le Cordon Bleu, and Host of Silicon Valley's LIVE Food Talk Radio on KSCU 103.3 FM

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