How Your Kids Can Grow Their Own Mushroom Farm (& Eat ‘Em, Too)!


One of my signature children’s cooking classes is called “Eat Your Own Biosphere.” It’s a fun, engaging class for kids and their families that teaches some science that surrounds food. Today, with the help of mail order from Far West Fungi Company in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is possible to take the gardening portion of my class and actually grow your very own mushrooms at home – right before your eyes! The kids will be astonished!

Choosing which species of farmed mushrooms to grow at home starts with picking the kind of mushroom you would like to eat. Some popular choices when growing mushrooms at home are:

  • flavorful and highly prized Shiitake mushrooms
  • oyster mushrooms

Both varieties are perfect for pasta sauce and popular with kids. Click here to purchase at-home growing kits from East West Fungi Farms!

Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm
Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm $15
Grow organic, edible, gourmet oyster mushrooms in just 10 days!
Shitake Mushroom Log Kit
Shitake Mushroom Log Kit $23
Allows you to grow your own delicious Shitake mushrooms at your own home! All you need is this kit, a few logs and a little bit of time to start harvesting your very own mushrooms.
Dunecraft Grow Your Own Mushrooms Domed Terrarium
Dunecraft Grow Your Own Mushrooms Domed Terrarium$16
Growing mushrooms is the perfect activity for the winter gardener, kitchen connoisseur and a great project for kids.

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