How to Parent with a New Years Eve Hangover


How to Parent with a New Years Eve Hangover! 

So, THIS HAPPENED- The kids had Noon Years Eve and you had New Years Eve! Finally, you scored a well needed reprieve – and a moment for you to have some much-needed adult-time! Not everyone indulges but if you do and you are a busy, hardworking parent- it is possible it’s been awhile !

Pregnancy and parenting radically altered my party habits. As the kids grew, I would occasionally indulge on a special occasions but there was always a caveat. I would without fail, regret it the next morning. Coping with a baby or toddler while hung over has to be one of the worst experiences. From the 6am wake-up call until the time that you get your peanut into bed again, the hardship is almost never worth it. What happens the next day is what matters most because, you cannot call in sick to your parenting job.

Here are a few tips that might make your day go by a bit easier with the kids. 

Your experience of a hangover may serve as a lesson for your child. Look, it’s not the end of the world but If you do drink too much and end up nursing a hangover don’t try to hide the symptoms, instead talk openly about how you’re feeling. This could have a positive impact on a child. Showing them drinking too much alcohol can be less spectacular just might be what the kids need to see. If you have tweens-trust me, they are watching and taking notes. Don’t avoid the obvious. Have,”the talk”.  This is a great opportunity for a teach point, don’t pass this up as uncomfortable as it might feel. If the kids see you’re sick all day, they just might think twice about drinking when the peer-pressure age comes around. Talk about body weight to alcohol consumption values, as well as legal ramifications of under aged drinking or anything you feel is important for your child to know regarding alcohol.

Never drink on an empty stomach and limit the amount of fuzzy alcohol consumed. I love my bubbles but in quantity, they don’t seem to love me back. And eat something first. I know you don’t have time for yourself – but make it one of the times you do, you will thank me later!

Avoid mixing your alcohol and stay away from those crazy mixed sweet concoctions! I feel like I’m putting a damper on your party, but think back to the last time you mixed all your booze. You’re welcome. Oh and avoiding a night-cap may also help to reduce the severity of symptoms.

Don’t forget to consume plenty of water.   Enough said.

Desperate times call for desperate measures – be prepared. Gather a few new art supplies before the big day – preferably things that will not create a bigger mess for yourself. Choose washable markers or crayons. Don’t pull them out until the day you need them. Buy a few new toys and have them wrapped at the toy store. The kids always seem to spend more time with new toys. These days, you can purchase age appropriate art and craft packages. Choose kits that will capture your child’s interest for long periods of time and make sure there is one kit per child, so there is no fighting. Not today.

Make a (quiet) game out of it! Another great idea is to let the kids move the furniture around and build a fort with a few sheets and blankets and fill with pillows. A few moments of rearranging furniture can result in hours of fun for the kids and respite for you.

Make Homemade No Cook Play-Dough – Because I know you don’t feel like cooking! 


4 cups flour

1 cup salt

4 tbsp oil

1-1/2 cup water

food color


Double a gallon size zip lock bag. Mix everything in the bag so there will be no clean up. Mix oil and food color together before adding to dry mixture. Mix until pliable. Remove from bag and store airtight.

Plastic is your friend today! Purchase and fill a plastic cleaning organizer with art supplies. Line the kitchen table with a disposable plastic tablecloth you would use for a party. Tape it down so it does not end up all over the floor. Place the bin in the center of the table. Tell the kids the rules. If they use an item they must return it to the bin after. Allow kids to play with paper, safety scissors and glue. These items are big winners and will keep small children happy for ages. When all done, roll up the plastic tablecloth and throw in the recycle. No clean-up efforts.

String a cloths-line. Use a cloths line and cloths pins to simply hang up the days art on display. They will be happy to see their work hanging and will be encouraged to make something spectacular which could take up some time!

How to completely avoid a hangover. One way to completely avoid the possibility of a hangover is to volunteer to be the designated driver. Just refrain all together. You can still ring in the New Year and feel great the next day! It’s a win-win!

These ideas should help the time pass. Hopefully you won’t need any of these tips and feel great! Have a safe and healthy New Years celebration!


Published by Chef Gigi Gaggero, Host of Silicon Valley's LIVE Food Talk Radio on KSCU 103.3 FM

Professional Chef, Two Time Award-Winning Book Author, Former Academic Director from Le Cordon Bleu, and Host of Silicon Valley's LIVE Food Talk Radio on KSCU 103.3 FM

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