Beautifully Creamy, Delicious… Ugly Soup.

Celeriac, also called turnip-rooted celery, or knob celery, or celery root– is cultivated for its delicious, edible roots, hypocotyl, and shoots. While this delicious root vegetable has many cooks and urban gardeners disagreeing on what to call it– there is one thing everyone agrees on. Many say, celeriac is the ugliest root vegetable ever. IContinue reading “Beautifully Creamy, Delicious… Ugly Soup.”

Ooh La Lah! Quickie French Onion Soup!

If you are anything like me – you’re always short on time, but big on flavor. Well, then…this recipe is perfect for you! One of my families favs. They think I’ve been cooking up a storm all day. Shhhhh!  I get this soup made in about 30- 40 minutes- enjoy!  Ingredients:  1/2 c unsalted butter 2Continue reading “Ooh La Lah! Quickie French Onion Soup!”