Ooh La Lah! Quickie French Onion Soup!

If you are anything like me – you’re always short on time, but big on flavor. Well, then…this recipe is perfect for you! One of my families favs. They think I’ve been cooking up a storm all day. Shhhhh!  I get this soup made in about 30- 40 minutes- enjoy!  Ingredients:  1/2 c unsalted butter 2Continue reading “Ooh La Lah! Quickie French Onion Soup!”

Skinny Orange ChickenĀ 

Well, skinn ( i-e-r ) …. One of my favorite dishes is orange chicken! Mmmm, crispy bits of deep fried nuggets tossed in sugary orange glaze.  Yikes! I did make a New Year commitment of cutting back on fried foods and recipes that include refined sugar. So- what’s a chef to do?  Answer: Reworked theContinue reading “Skinny Orange ChickenĀ “