It’s all about the dressing

Which dressing will your kids like best?

Planning healthy habits

Healthy snacks can take planning. Consider making a snack station for your family.

Veggie hide-and-seek

Do your kids get enough veggies? Consider hiding them as a way to introduce the new tastes.

Mac and Cheese surprise

Trying to sneak healthy things into your kid’s favorite foods? Yeah, we know. Give this a try.

Coffee Cup Cake

Why make a full coffee cake when you can have individual ones? Let your little ones personalize their cake. No more fighting in the morning but there may be a bit of a mess in the kitchen. Some of the best memories start that way though, right?

Orange Smiles with a Jelly Twist

Can you tell the difference between regular orange slices and jelly orange slices? Maybe your kids can’t either! Have a little fun with them this weekend! 😉

Mixing together to support kid chefs

Some kids are picky eaters while others are fearless. Willing to pick up that strange looking dish and give it a try, foodie youths need a place to explore their love. Recently, Kids Culinary Adventures joined forces with children’s foodie network Together we’re creating an online space for cooking students with games that make cookingContinue reading “Mixing together to support kid chefs”