Camp Green Eggs And Ham

Camp Green Eggs and Ham! Chef Natalie and her students washing up then making some yummy schlotz knotz.

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Fun in the kitchen!

Our chefs at Kids Culinary Adventures alway cook up fun and great memories in the kitchen. Here are some pictures of our staff and students in action.

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Marshmallow Peeps Recipe!

Spring has sprung! Read Chef Gigi’s article on…. How to make Homemade Marshmallow Peeps!

Kids Culinary Adventures’s Blog!~ “In the Mix!”

Bon Appetit!

Welcome to the new Kids Culinary Adventures blog, the official source for information, insight, and updates about Kids Culinary Adventures , and really super kewl  food stuff!

Kids Culinary Adventures aka known as “KCA”, is made up of a few of passionate food enthusiasts and professional culinary experts who share their passion with families all over the world ;via the internet and more so, locally in the San Francisco Bay Area at our culinary learning center! Thanks to their work, KCA is a starting place for children, teens and families to learn about , nutrition and cooking outside the box!  We are also a learning platform to anchor academics!

We thought now was the right time to open the oven door and start a food blog with our  community about what’s happening with the world of kids cooking , heath , nutrition and food education! Click here for more secret info “About us”

We  “Pinky Swear” we intend to use this blog to:

– Pass useful information to families that contain emphasis on food , health and education
– Provide authentic messages to you about the food community
– Highlight interesting enhancements, both current and future regarding food and fun!
Additionally……. we want to hear from you! Double dog dare ya!

Chef Gigi and the Kids Culinary Adventures Staff!

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