Chef Gigi’sWebsite

Thank you for your interest. You can check out my website here!  Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions on any of my material, or if you are interested in a booking for an parenting night or private consultation.


Chef Gigi is recognized nationally as an expert in culinary education. She specializes in children and families to help increase nutritional awareness and help take some of the stress out of being a busy-aware caring adult. Chef has coached thousands of children and adults through her hands on classes, private events, public speakings, websites, writing, professional culinary demonstrations, television and radio engagements, classes, and private consultations. Are you are a busy parent or leading a group who needs help on how to simplifly your parenting life? Chef Gigi speaks on topics surrounding food prep, picky eaters, and crazy mealtimes.

Parenting Topics:

-How to make mealtimes go from frantic to fun
-How to build healthy meals in less time.
-How to shop for nutrition foods.
-Meal prep for the week on one afternoon.
-How to deal with picky eaters.
-What to cook and when.
-How to cook it and why.
-Five Ingredients or less meals.
-Who has time for this- are you screaming for help?
-Fast food vs home cooked-what it looks like and how to stop the cycle.
-How to get the kids involved and why.
-How to meal prep one day a week.
-How to work clean, fast and organized and save your sanity!
-How to deal with those picky eaters!


Past Speaking Audiences:

-Public and Private Parent Organizations
-Elementary Schools
-Private and Public Schools
-Charter Schools
-Junior High Parent Organizations
-New Parenting Clubs
-Key Note Speaking Engagement
-Mothers Clubs