Berry delicious pickings

“I found one,” a small voice said among the rows and rows of berries on a recent Wednesday morning. “It is juicy?” another responded. Juicy it may have been, but more important to the kids was pointing out the red juice from the freshly-picked olalieberries running down their fingers. “It looks like blood,” 8-year-old Zoe said. HerContinue reading “Berry delicious pickings”


Scrumptious strawberry sweets

Some smells bring back memories. In that way, strawberries are like summer. There’s a sweet smell that feels the air and regardless of what’s being made in the kitchen, adding strawberries makes it sweet and summer-like. Many fruits can be that way. Funny thing about strawberries — they aren’t fruit. They’re part of a flower,Continue reading “Scrumptious strawberry sweets”

Making tasty treats for baby!

New babies are super cute, with their little toes, cooing noises and big, sleepy yawns. And this week, KCA welcomed a beautiful baby girl to the family! Lani, KCA’s executive director, welcomed a beautiful baby girl, named Lilana, at 9:08 p.m. June 23. Both are doing great!   But not everyone loves a baby, particularlyContinue reading “Making tasty treats for baby!”

Making an arctic blast

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Now that the weather’s getting warmer, ice cream will be on the minds of more and more little ones. Who are you kidding? You’re thinking about a cool treat as well. Enjoying this summer staple can be more than going to the store and grabbing a carton. Make ice cream with your kids!

Kids Culinary Adventures to release “Chefs First Activity Book”

As professional chefs we begin with safety first! This entertaining and educational book provides hours of fun.  Small children will safely identify kitchen tools through a color, cut and paste activity which is a great introduction to everyday kitchen utensils. This fun engaging book comes with a small recyclable card board “toolbox” to carry their culinary items. Just like a real chef . ThisContinue reading “Kids Culinary Adventures to release “Chefs First Activity Book””

To understand organic seems to be four years of college ! I’ll try to define it – (in short order) the best I can without turning green !

Organic foods… are they safer, healthier  or more nutritious? The word “organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products and meat. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution. Farmers who grow organic produce and meat don’t use conventionalContinue reading “To understand organic seems to be four years of college ! I’ll try to define it – (in short order) the best I can without turning green !”

Chef Gigi to Guest Demo at Simon Kidget Club!

Chef Gigi will be whipping up some fun with Simon Kidgets Super  Duper Mini Chefs Club at The Standford Shopping Center this Saturday June 5th, 2010. You wont want to miss this- an interactive kids culinary event that combines food family and fun! Mini Chefs can come and explore the fun side of food byContinue reading “Chef Gigi to Guest Demo at Simon Kidget Club!”

Remembering Your “Que”!

The History of Barbecue The Spanish explorers arrived in the new world to find the natives preserving meats in the sun. This was a successful preservation method but the problem was that the meats were often infested with bugs and this meant spoilage. The indigenous people learned to build smoky fires to keep the insectsContinue reading “Remembering Your “Que”!”