Chef Gigi Gaggero Author of Food Fight, for Parents of Picky Eaters

Chef Gigi is the Author of Food Fight, for Parents of Picky Eaters. Chef is recognized nationally as an expert in culinary education and specializes in children and families to help increase nutritional awareness and help take some of the stress out of being a busy-aware parent. Chef Gigi has coached thousands of children and adults through her hands on classes, private events, public speakings, websites, writing, professional culinary demonstrations, television, radio engagements, classes, and private consultations. Follow Chef Gigi on Twitter @Chefgigi and on Facebook @ChefGigiGaggero

Kumamoto Oysters on the Half Shell with a Cucumber and Winter-melon Granita 

Can what you eat affect your happiness?  Forget what came first, the chicken or the egg. Looking for a great conversation starter at your next social gathering? Open with the latest hot food topic: Can what you eat affect your happiness? According to research substantiated by Torrey Pines, Institute for Molecular Studies, certain flavors in […]