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With over thirty-five years of professional industry experience, Gigi is recognized as an expert in culinary education. She specializes in children and families to help increase nutritional awareness and take some of the stress out of being a busy- aware parent. 

As a food professional, Gigi goes after picky eating through the science of flavor, while helping parents and caregivers reprogram their approach and win back mealtimes! Author of Food Fight, for Parents of Picky Eaters, and Co-Author, of “Learning with Little Lulu Lemon”,.

Gigi has appeared in a variety of media outlets including, NPR, Radio Disney, NBC, CBS, and most recently ABC television network. Chef Gigi, is not only a pioneer in children’s culinary education, she is also the former academic director who authored and implemented the famed culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu’s, Hospitality and Restaurant Management program; while simultaneously opening her professional culinary school for kids.

Today, Gigi continues to advocate healthy foods and time saving techniques though writing, speaking, and coaching families how to shop, prep, cook, eat and live better.


Parenting Topics

-How to make mealtimes go from frantic to fun
-How to build healthy meals in less time.
-How to shop for nutrition foods.
-Meal prep for the week just one afternoon a week.
-How to deal with picky eaters.
-What to cook and when
-How to cook it and why
-Five Ingredients or less meals
-Who has time for this are you screaming for help
-Fast food vs home cooked-what it looks like and how to stop the cycle

Chef Gigi Provides Support for Parents and Caring Adults who Want to Provide Nutritious Meals in Less Time.

-How to get the kids involved and why
-How to meal prep one day a week
-How to work clean, fast and organized and save your sanity
-What and how much to feed your toddler

Past Speaking Audiences

-Public and Private Parent Organizations
-Elementary Schools
-Private and Public Schools
-Charter Schools
-Parent Organizations
-Key Note Speaking Engagement
-Mothers Clubs
-Regional School Lunch Programs

Other Books by Chef Gigi

“Learning with Little Lulu Lemon”  – Homefires Publishing

Learning with Little Lulu Lemon is an innovative, fun-filled educational activity guide with over 25 fun learning activities and recipes that your whole family will enjoy! For children ages 3-7. 

Discover the wonder of math through simple investigations and easy, gourmet lemony recipes. Develop the scientific skills of observation and experimentation with playful lemon lessons. Boost vocabulary while learning life skills — including cooking and economics! Enjoy activities and games that build cognitive development for life-long learning success. 

Have fun with your child as you explore the gastronomic and scholastic delights of the versatile lemon. Learning with Little Lulu Lemon is engaging, fun, and educational — and will give your young child a head start on life-long learning success!



  1. Sophie


    My name’s Sophie and I work for MyGames4Girls.com, a site specializing in games for girls. I was really impressed by your blog and your great recipes and was wondering if you’d like to introduce your readers to our cooking games? I’m sure they would love them! Have a look and see what you think:


    I’d be really grateful if you could write a little article on your blog about our games! 🙂 We would also be happy to give you a free code for HiDolls, our new virtual reality game for girls. This would give you 4000 DEEZ (our virtual currency) so you can let a friend, relative or reader enjoy the game.

    Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Thanks very much for your time – hope to hear from you soon!



  2. Debra Walsh

    Both my children were / are picky eaters! Just wanted to tell you the four 30 minute sessions I purchased with Chef Gigi was super helpful and insightful.

    I met with her via Skype, weekly. By the end of the second session, I felt I had a handle on how to shop for cleaner food and both my kids where climbing on board to better meal time routines. I had NO idea something as simple as having my child’s feet dangling from the booster chair would have made any difference in how she sat at the dinner table and not fuss . Wow that made a huge difference – who knew!

    Right away I felt comfortable with Gigi and it’s apparent that she has the expertise and experience I needed.
    I’m looking forward to booking more sessions with her so I can learn how to cook a little bit healthier, faster and get around artificial ingredients.

    Chef Gigi, you have no idea how much you’ve made my life easier around mealtimes!

    Thank you so much!
    Alyssa and Holly’s Mommy


    1. Chef Gigi

      Hi Debra,
      Thank you for the kind words — this is so nice to hear! I also received your message about the girls loving the Basil
      Green Eggs and Ham recipe I sent over! I’ll mail you the new Fruit and Vegetable charts you left in my office on our final meeting.Keep in touch and, peaceful parenting.
      Chef Gigi 😉


  3. Chef Francisco Javier Martinez

    Hello and Greetings from San Francisco. My name is Chef Francisco Javier Martinez and I have known Chef Gigi for a while. She a complete professional at her art. Chef Gigi continues to be an inspiration to others in the culinary arts and truly is pushing the boundaries. Her love raising chickens to creating a home space for bees. I feel honored to be associated with Chef Gigi.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Heather Vega

    Chef Gigi is an expert in her field who has the unique ability to create genuine, long-lasting friendships with so many whom she meets. She’s energetic, authentically interested in your questions, and willing to go above and beyond whether it is suggesting techniques for making a fancy dinner to be enjoyed by candlelight or helping a new mom navigate how and when to introduce new foods.

    Chef Gigi and I met volunteering as mentors in the community to local middle school students 10 years ago. Since then we have not only worked together, but she has honestly become family. She’s truly a special individual — a loving mother to her daughters, a busy urban farmer raising chickens and bees, a chef constantly improving her craft, a woman who advocates for other moms and women, and a devoted friend. She is a passionate inspiration to me who I’m lucky enough to have in my life. She’s a wonderful loving presence who has been endlessly supportive as we started our family. She means the world to our family and, if you let her, she will do the same for your family or business.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chef Gigi

      My goodness Heather — what beautiful things to say . Thank you so much. I am honored to be part of your lives and just love watching Jamison grow! I especially love all the highchair updates of him; self- feeding! What a doll! I can’t wait to see the two of you again soon!
      Thank you again for the kind words!


  5. Dana Ramirez

    Chef Gigi rocks! Not only does she have oodles of culinary education and experience she has real life experience as a mom and knows how picky kids can be! I love not only her simple recipes but her sense of humor! She’s the #realdeal 🤓👊🏼🍴

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chef Gigi

      Oh wow! Dana! Thank you . You’re the real deal ! Thanks for dropping by lady! Great to hear from you ! I’m happy you are loving my fast, cheap and easy recipes !!! Bawahhhh who has time for more eh!


  6. Anthony

    I’m met Chef Gigi at the gym I worked for 5 years ago. We trained together and she has stayed by my side through all my adventures since. From coffee and lunches to coach me through business strategy to providing endless knowledge and experience in nutrition and health.

    She is a beacon of strength and support! Every life she touches is left nourished and empowered. I’m proud and lucky to have her as a client, consultant and friend. Her care for the health and wellbeing of young and old alike is obvious in her life’s work and second to none. Chef Gigi is a bold leader in the possibility of a strong, healthy and informed future for all.


    1. Chef Gigi

      Hey Coach– thanks for the great words! I’m glad you like my stuff- you are pretty inspirational too . My deadlifts are up to new GAINZ!

      Love that you came by and checked out my blogosphere ! Hope to see you soon !

      I see fresh eggs in your future!


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