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hPbXEas2ZCL_VVRhGwTL2g5SQmMHgECaP0v9l4gqy7w“Learning with Little Lulu Lemon”

Learning with Little Lulu Lemon is an innovative,fun-filled educational activity guide with over 25 fun learning activities and recipes that your whole family will enjoy! For children ages 3-7.

  • Discover the wonder of math through simple investigations and easy, gourmet lemony recipes
  •  Develop the scientific skills of observation and experimentation with playful lemon lessons.
  • Boost vocabulary while learning life skills, including cooking and economics!
  •  Enjoy activities and games that build cognitive development for life-long learning success.
  •  Have fun with your child as you explore the gastronomic and scholastic delights of the versatile lemon.

Learning with Little Lulu Lemon is engaging, fun and educational — and will give your young child a head start on life-long learning success!


“Food Fight, for Parents of Picky Eaters” 


Expected, Fall 2018 , Published by Koehler Books

My Latest Book : Food Fight, for Parents of Picky Eaters! Pre Sale on Now!

Children’s Nutrition doesn’t have to be frustrating! Avoid power struggles & take back mealtimes! If meal times are a constant battle in your house, this is the book for you!  You’ll gain valuable insights and some fun and creative ways to present and prepare food for your picky eater.

Over 300 Pages!Loaded with Hints, Tricks and over 100 Recipes!


“The Fun-Filled Cooking Party Guide”

The “Fun Filled Cooking Party Guide” Is complete step by step guide will help you host a hand on cooking party in your home or anyone else’s! Expected Fall 2019


In this guide you will find: 

Easy, no hassle suggestions for the preparation and execution of your party
  • Top five tips for hosting a fun filled cooking party
  • An extended to do list that will keep you ahead of the game; even weeks before your event
  • Professional cooking school secrets to make you a success
  • Instructional outline to keep you on track during the party 
  • Shopping and equipment checklist
  • Time management tips
  • Recipes with fun and educational activities for your guests
  • Delicious recipes to choose from to make your party scrumptious without breaking your back or your bank!
  • Game and story ideas for downtime in between cooking time
  • Expected, Fall 2017