KSCU 103.3 FM Season 2 Episode 3


KSCU 103.3 FM – Sunday Supper, Food Talk Radio with Chef Gigi hosts established jet-setting northern California chef, Samantha Gordon on Sunday, September 8th, 2019 6-7 PM / PST Listen in while Gigi gets to the bottom of Chef Sami’s motivation to start her award-winning, specialty croissant business over a decade ago! Before establishing her company Croissami, Chef Sami spent the previous decade indulging her passion for food and travel by cooking for the rich and famous on high-end international yachts, setting sail around the world.
A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, chef continued to hone her skills by working in restaurants, including the noteworthy Michelin starred restaurant, The Fat Duck in Bray, England, Heston Blumenthal’s notable temple to innovative modern cuisine and a forefather of Molecular Gastronomy. After spending many summers in the South of France yachting, chef Sami fell in love with the croissant though, grew tired of the everyday staple and the chocolate varieties, when unconventional sweet and savory fillings were accessible. Taking action, by leaving her jet setting life, the chef chose to settle on the beautiful shores of Sausalito and set up her dream business in the rolling hills of Northern California.
Lucky for us, Chef Sami went on to create a variety-favor based croissant delivery business to share the pure joy of all types of savory and sweet flavored croissants with others all over the world! What better place to nurture a small, artisanal food establishment than the San Francisco Bay Area. Chef continues to strive to create a faithful customer foundation with her delicious, all-natural croissants, and other delicious breakfast options that have an unusual twist of tastes and textures. Tune in and listen to her creative culinary narrative on Chef Gigi’s Food Talk Radio.

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