15 Must Have Vegan Apps

I ❤️ this! What great information on Vegan apps ! ❤️ take a look!

Jump In Wellness

As technology gets more and more advanced being vegan will continue to be easier. A very smart thing to do with your smart phone is to personalize it towards your diet. The easiest way to do this is by downloading vegan-friendly apps. Here are 12 of our favorites you should download right now:

Click on the name of the app to head directly to download. Also, at the end of the blog is a list of great vegan recipe apps. Don’t miss it!

Is It Vegan? – Free

This app allows you to scan the product in question, and within seconds it tells you on a scale if it is vegan. If it is not vegan it tells you which ingredients are the culprits. 


Happy Cow – $3.99

No matter where you are this app will give you amazing suggestions of vegan and vegetarian places to eat. Also, if gives…

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